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Photo Digitization,
& Restoration

Trillium Legacy Services offers photo, slide, and negative scanning, restoration, and organization services for individuals, families, societies, and businesses.

When an elder dies, it is as if an entire library burns down. 

– African proverb

Professional Photo Management, Digitization & Restoration Services

Are you overwhelmed with hundreds or even thousands of family photos that you know need to be scanned, but don’t have the time or energy? We’re here to help!

Trillium Digital now offers photo digitization and restoration services for your vintage and antique photos. We can help you organize, digitize, and preserve your precious photo albums, boxes of loose photos, negatives, slides, as well as scrapbooks and other memorabilia, scan them to a hard drive or upload them to an online service to be shared with friends and family. We can also help you get control of all the digital photos that you have stored on hard drives, thumbdrives, CD’s and any other digital storage you have.

Have old videotapes and film reels? No problem! Our experts can convert nearly any medium!

We’ll help you create a system so you can save and share your family history and precious memories. We also create beautiful hardcover photo books, slideshows, and can set up an online sharing service that can preserve your photos for generations to come.

We can also digitally restore torn photographs or those damaged by water, or sun, as well as colorize black and white or sepia photos.


We can fix most common problems:

  • Torn, folded and/or water damaged
  • Mold, holes, surface scratches & damage, photographs stuck to glass
  • faded image, color correction, red-eye removal
  • unwanted content removal
  • convert black & white to color

 Restoration Samples


Photo management and organization service is charged at our hourly rate of $60/hour. 

Digitization pricing starts at 0.45/per image, plus set-up time and not including restoration.

Our photograph restoration prices range from $20 for minimal restoration, up to $125 for extensive restoration, including sizes up to 16″ x 20″. We offer a 10% discount for larger projects with over 10 images.

If you have a very large collection to digitize only, with minimal or no retouching, please reach out to us for a quote.


Does restoration affect the original photograph in any way?

Please note – we make repairs to the scanned digital image only, and do not perform physical restoration of damaged paper photos, but we can help you find an archivist who might be able to help you. Please contact us for more information.

Only if the item is stuck to glass we will try to remove it for you. The restoration is all done digitally and does not affect the original in any way. With the digital file, the photo can be re-printed saved and shared with other family members.

Can you remove a photo that is stuck to the glass?

In most cases, yes, we can. There may be minor damage to the original that will be fixed digitally during the process. If the photo cannot be removed from the glass without significant damage, we will leave it as is and scan it through the glass.

Can I scan them myself?

We will scan them for you for restoration at no extra charge, but if you prefer to scan them yourself, and have a high-resolution scanner, we recommend that they are Hi-Resolution scans in the TIFF or a non-loss format. The better the scan the better we can restore the photo. With JPG or other lossy files, some details are compressed and lost.

Staples, Fedex, and Ups stores can also scan for a fee.

How do I get the photo to you?

If you’re local to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, we can come to you or you can drop it at our office on an appointment only basis. Or, you can mail the photo/s to us for scanning. Just include a pre-paid self-addressed envelope so we can return the photo for you. Digital files can be emailed to us or we can give you a dropbox or Google Drive link to upload the file to.

How will I receive my restored photo?

We will send you a link where you can conveniently download your photo.

Do you offer printing?

Yes, for a minimal shipping and handling fee of $6.95 plus printing costs we can have the photo printed and delivered to you. We can also produce hard cover photo books of your favorite photos. Contact us for a free consultation



Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.

– Louisa May Alcott 

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